BONUM SANATIO Limited Liability Company

Our company has been member of registered Insolvency Practitioners since 15.02.2014.

At our company, highly experienced liquidators, lawyers, economists, auditors and tax experts are employed. We also have engagement contract with experts who are responsible for defining the liquidation value of real estate and movable assets.

During the liquidation procedure we especially focus on reorganization possibilities. If the operation of the companies in liquidation can be economically continued, we support its realization and help in concluding an agreement with the creditors in accordance with the law.

Bonum Sanatio Ltd. Is committed to quality work. Our main goal is to perform liquidation procedure as required by the Court and in accordance with the law. We do our job in a timely and accurate manner and pay particular attention to verification and documentation.

Head Office: 1107 Budapest, Mázsa utca 9., Company Registration Number: 01 09 190471


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